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Why Replace when you can Resurface


Services to suit all your needs

We can turn the most distressed tubs, tiles and countertop's into masterpieces!

Whether its commercial, Insurance, Hotels, Motels, real estate 
residential homes our professional resurfacing technician will work with you to complete your appointment at your convenience.
  1. Preparation!!!
    A successful refinishing process requires proper preparation of the surface to allows maximum adhesion. we use cleaners and acid etch solutions made for this industry, which without out it topcoat's just don't adhere!
  2. Surface repair
    Prior to the application of a coating, repairs may need to be made. We repair a variety of surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, pressed steel, cast iron, fibreglass and kitchen tops.
  3. Primer coating
    High quality epoxy primers play a critical role in resurfacing. Offering maximum adhesion to a variety of substrates such as porcelain, ceramic, pressed steel, cast iron and fiberglass.
  4. Topcoat coatings
    Topcoats are the most important part of bathtub resurfacing process. Superior impact resistance, high gloss, and chemical & water resistance are all desired in a high performance topcoat.
We will repair chips or cracks and restore the surface of your bath, tiles, vanity or shower base to look and feel like new. You’ll save thousands of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement.
Every homeowner gets excited at the prospect of introducing the look and feel of real stone in their home without having to pay a premium price. And with our Stone Coating System, you can add this exciting innovation to your resurface service to meet this growing demand.
Water stains, rust, burns, scratches and dents can also be repaired. We have resources, unavailable to the general public, that can erase blemishes and restore shine to your damaged bath, sink, tiles or counter top.

Clawfoot Baths

We use the leading supplier of resurface coatings and paints from the USA. The acrylic urethanes and adhesive bathtub resurface coatings we provide are the most thoroughly tested, industry leading coatings that you can choose to conduct professional bathtub restorations. With our premium bathtub resurface coatings we can restore and resurface your bath in a matter of hours.

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